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  • Jennifer Ashrafi
    Beverly Cleaners has been cleaning my home for over a few months. The ladies always come on time, and do an incredible job making sure my apartment is organized and cleaned. Such a great feeling coming home to a clean house!
    Jennifer Ashrafi
  • Tom Hannah
    I have a rather large home. Emmanuel and Elly were amazing. So friendly and they did a phenomenal job with their detailed cleaning. I could not be happier with Beverly Cleaners. Highly recommend.
    Tom Hannah

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Licensed & Insured

During Covid-19, we understand the importance of having a Healthy and Clean home which is why every high touch area in regular cleaning with be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant to protect you and you’re family.

All of our staff is required to wear gloves, masks, and shoe covers, as well as maintain a 6 ft. distance from each other while cleaning.

Our equipment is separately cleaned and sanitized every night for the next day’s use, to ensure the safety and health of our staff and clients.

One of best way to protect against Covid-19 is to maintain a clean and sanitized home. With Beverly Cleaners, you can ensure that every time.

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    What does each service include?

    Every high touch surface will be disinfected using Medical grade disinfectant to ensure the cleanliness of your home.

    All Rooms:

    • Corners including all removal of spider webs
    • Vacuuming of all areas
    • Dusting of shelves
    • Dusting of furniture
    • Mopping of all floors


    • Cleaning of large appliances such as fridges and dishwashers
    • Cleaning of sinks and faucet fixtures
    • Inside and outside of microwave cleaned
    • Countertops are cleaned
    • Cleaning and degreasing of stove top and fan
    • Cleaning of all dishes and floors

    Living Areas & Bedrooms:

    • All beds are made
    • All furnishings and decorations dusted and wiped
    • Vacuuming of staircases of staircase and floors
    • Washed floors
    • Linen cleaned and dried


    • Cleaning and wiping down of sinks
    • Cleaning and sanitation of countertops
    • Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and wiped down
    • Toilet, bathtub and shower recess cleaned